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Regular maintenance of your BMW inside the BMW Authorized service quaranties an ideal sense of safety which as a result can optimize your driving experience. According to the CBS (Condition Based Service), your BMW knows when it is time for service (eg oil change , brake maintenance etc). With this system your car will inform you soon enough for any future maintenance so you can plan your visit in our authorized BMW service station.

Also with the new Teleservices system your car inform us directly about any future maintenance that it needs. With this system we can evaluate with accurancy the cost of maintenance and then we can contact you to provide you all the necessary information together with available dates to our BMW service. In this way you can feel free to enjoy your driving experience .


Diagnosis: Using our extensive knowledge and the latest diagnostic equipment we ensure you that your car will always be in the best condition. Your car’s Diagnostic systems can recognise and store malfunctions in the electrical systems. Using our latest Diagnostic Equipment supported by many computers we can quickly and efficiently analyze these faults. These systems also function with feedback between our service station and the experts in the headquarters of BMW.

Programming : With our Electronic Diagnostic equipment we can also update your car software to the latest available.

Upgrade : Using our electronic equipment together with some hardware equipment that you can buy from us we can upgrade your car functions. These upgrade packages depend of your car model and your already installed equipment from the production date. You can always contact us to find more information about the specific available upgrade packages

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