Bmw 4 Series Coupe

For years the 2 door version of the 3 series sedan was bmw’s medium size coupe. These days however belong to the past. Bigger more sport with stunning looks it is now called 4 series Coupe. Don’t try to find similarities and differences between the old 3 series coupe and the new 4 series coupe.Here we have to do with a whole new chassis built in high standards.

Sleek with imposing appearance promises great excitement. The total length of the new car is 4,7 meters .Unique high light details, wide grille with large air intakes (Air Curtains) in both sides of the bumper , aggressive lights design.The wide doors with the huge opening contribute to easy access for passengers in the four seater cabin and also give a sense of safety . Passengers in the rear seats can feel very comfortable as the space is very wide. The centre of gravity is a good bit lower, which does tend to make the 4 Series feel more poised, pound-for-pound, than the 3 Series.

The engines start from the 418d but the 420i and 420d are the basis of the 4 Series range. Next available is the 428i which uses the same four-cylinder turbo as the 420i and adds more power. You’ll have to pick up the 440i for a six-cylinder engine. On the diesel side, the 418d, 420d and 425d are powered by four-cylinder units, while the 430d and 435d have six-cylinder.