Servin Kalamatas Bmw will deliver and pick up your rental car from kalamata's airport free of charge during normal working hours. Also for very early in the morning and late in the night flights when most of the other companies are closed , Servin Kalamatas will be there for you to deliver your car for a very small extra charge.
Servin Kalamata's team offers a friendly customer service approach and we will always provide you along with our companies telephone number another mobile number so you can reach us every time you want. If for example your flight is for a very long time delayed or changed you can always come in contact with us to make another appointment without any extra charge .

kalamata airport


Our team will also be very happy to help you find your way from the airport of kalamata to your destination. We can provide you with a map if you need so , or with explained in detail information about your way to your destination or even escort you up to one point of your destination. Back to car rental categories


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